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The Mislata City Council recently hosted a transformative BIM (Building Information Modeling) course as part of the openDBL project, held on January 25th and 26th, 2023, at La Fábrica in Mislata, Spain. Architects, engineers, and Mislata employees converged to delve into the core principles and practical applications of BIM. The course commenced with a comprehensive overview, from foundational principles to reestablishing BIM terminology, providing attendees with a solid understanding of the technology's fundamentals.


A significant focus of the course was on initiating BIM implementation in alignment with the British government's directives, shedding light on regulatory frameworks and best practices. Participants also gained insight into the myriad benefits of BIM, ranging from improved collaboration and streamlined workflows to enhanced decision-making and cost efficiencies. Additionally, the course analyzed BIM's transformative impact on the construction value chain, emphasizing its role in driving efficiencies and innovation across project stages. Through active participation and engagement, attendees showcased their commitment to embracing digital innovation, marking a significant step forward for the construction industry in Mislata and beyond.

The openDBL project represents a significant leap forward in building management practices. By digitizing building information and offering a centralized platform for data management, openDBL will revolutionize the way buildings are maintained, leading to cost reductions, time savings, and enhanced sustainability.

We are proud to be part of this collaborative effort and excited about the positive impact openDBL will have on the building management industry.

For more information about the openDBL project, please visit  

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