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Meeting the mayor of Ruvo di Puglia


openDBL, a 4.5 million euro project funded by the European programme Horizon 2021–2027, has been presented in the city of Ruvo, Italy. The project’s scope is to create a "digital logbook" in which any kind of information related to buildings will be stored. This logbook can be consulted remotely in real time and contains different kinds of information, such as structural information, maintenance, and air quality, with a smart access system. 13 partners from different countries contribute to openDBL: Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Romania, and Spain. The project’s coordinator is CETMA (, which hosted the project kick-off in Brindisi, Italy.
"We are very proud to get the funds from the prestigious Horizon programme," CETMA’s coordinator, Italo Spada, said.
The main building, in which the digital log-book tests will be made, is a 6,000-square-metre school based in Ruvo. Other tests will be made in Kifissia, Athens, and Mislata, Valencia.
"Once the procedure is standardised, it can help manage and reduce costs and time for maintenance," the project’s creator, Mario Caputi, said.
To win an Horizon call is like winning the Champions League, given that the project will take place in a small city like Ruvo.

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