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Ruvo di Puglia (Italy)

Ruvo di Puglia is an Italian town of 24 686 inhabitants in the metropolitan city of Bari in Puglia. It is part of the Alta Murgia National Park, of which it houses an operational office, and was included in the Mountain Community of the Murgia Barese North-West. It is also home to the Jatta National Archaeological Museum which has increased the fame of the city thanks to the thousands of archaeological finds of the Hellenistic age preserved there. It is also the third-largest municipality in the metropolitan area and is a city of agriculture and art. Its municipality manages ca. 150 buildings, of which 100 have been considered for the business case, such as offices, warehouses and storage rooms, social houses, schools and kindergartens, libraries, sports centers, police stations, stores, and the local cemetery21.

In Ruvo di Puglia we will test openDBL on one building.

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The school has a surface of ca. 6.000 sqm on a single floor.

Given the age of the building (which is an iconic monument in the centre of the town) there is no available documentation. There are plans for future development to adapt it to the recent anti-seismic regulation. The recently appointed new administration of the town wants to embrace the digital monitoring and management of buildings. Collecting technical information in a DBL would allow time savings and better maintenance. The Council would use this Project as a prototype for the development and adoption of a standardized approach for the collection, management and interoperability of data, and for greener operation of its assets.

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