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Mislata (Spain)

Mislata is a city in the Valencian Community, Spain. It has borders with the city of València and Quart de Poblet in the west and Xirivella in the south. In recent decades it has gone from being a village in the Horta region of the Valencian Community to the most densely populated borough in Spain and one of the ten most densely populated in Europe, with a population of 43,363 inhabitants spread across 2.1 km².

Its municipality manages around 20 buildings, such as offices, schools, and kindergartens. In Mislata we will test openDBL on one building. The “La Fabrica” – 3727 square meters divided into 4 floors.

The La Fábrica Social Sociocultural Center is defined as a civic facility with the characteristics of public spaces for community action, sociocultural revitalization, and citizen participation, open to all people.

Since its opening in 2015, it has become a place for citizen meetings, crossing and exchanging information, commitment, and relationships, and a space for constant and permanent dialogue between groups, associations, groups, and citizens of Mislata.

In its conception, we identified the following characteristics:

• For sociocultural revitalization, community action, and citizen participation: providing services that enhance the relationship between people.

• Educational space: carrying out pedagogical and didactic activities that enhance the integral and permanent development of the person.

• Participatory space: encouraging users' participation to guarantee a service offering that fully satisfies the needs of their environment.

• Dynamic space: systematically adapting to the needs of users.

• From integration and social cohesion: enhancing personal and collective capabilities, mediating civic values such as coexistence, respect for diversity, and solidarity.

• Close to people: locating the equipment in an easily accessible physical environment.

• Being a reference in the environment: a unique space in its environment, known by citizens and a meeting point for as many people as possible.

Sociocultural programming:


• The small factory. Aimed at offering short-term workshops for family audiences with girls and boys from 3 to 12 years old (Infant and Primary Cycle). The proposed activities allow the intellectual, creative, and relational development of the children's population from the perspective of educational leisure (workshops of artistic education, theatrical and musical expression, crafts, environmental education, and healthy eating).


• The training factory. Aimed at offering a variety of non-formal education courses, workshops, and seminars for people over 16 years of age. The programming is nourished by a catalog of courses for the acquisition of skills in the field of information and communication technologies (office applications, design, languages, etc.), as well as the improvement of performance skills fully in digital spaces, in professional fields and in the development of artistic and cultural concerns.

• La Fàbrica d’spectacles. Oriented towards the programming of small format shows (monologues, live music, micro comedy, storytelling, magic, etc.) for different audiences: families, children, or adults that will take place at Espai Crea and El Terrat.

Study Space

The Center has a Study Space, dedicated to study and individual work with 102 positions so that all the people of Mislata can have a quality space dedicated to concentration and academic work. The objective is to provide adequate room for the development of academic activities, offering the necessary resources to study and complete tasks in a peaceful environment.

The Study Space has individual study positions which are located in a space of generous dimensions, clarity, and a calm atmosphere. The Study Space schedule will be adapted to the needs of the student body, following the exam dates of official educational centers (Universities and Secondary Education Institutes).


Association support service

Association promotion and support program that enables different associations to develop their social initiatives. It offers headquarters, support for its programming, dissemination of its activities, and infrastructure (warehouses, projectors, sound equipment,...)


Currently, a swimming pool and a gym have been set up for the citizens' disposal, becoming a leading sports space.

It has been chosen for our Project to evaluate the pros and cons of having and keeping updated its openDBL. The smart quality control and data verification tool will be specifically tested in this building.

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