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Mislata (Spain)

Mislata is a city in the Valencian Community, Spain. It has borders with the city of València and Quart de Poblet in the west and Xirivella in the south. In recent decades it has gone from being a village in the Horta region of the Valencian Community, to the most densely populated borough in Spain and one of the ten most densely populated in Europe, with a population of 43,363 inhabitants spread across 2.1 km².

Its municipality manages 20 buildings, such as offices, schools and kindergartens. In Mislata we will test openDBL on one building. The “Casa Consistorial” (Town Hall) has a surface of ca. 3.200 sqm on six floors. It is used as office space. It is equipped with gas boiler & radiators, air-air heat pump, air conditioning, lighting, and fire-extinguishers.

The available documentation consists of drawings (floor plans), technical sheets of the installed equipment, checklists and reports from past inspections.

Currently the building is in use, and presents an acceptable state of conservation, with several functional deficiencies, in terms of accessibility and fire and energy safety, which have led the Council to propose a comprehensive rehabilitation plan.

A public tender for its restructuring is to be launched in 2022.

It has been chosen for our Project to evaluate the pro’s and con’s of having and keeping updated its openDBL. The smart quality control and data verification tool will be specifically tested in this building.

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Adria Vila Cuco
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