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Role in the project: CEMOSA will develop a smart quality control and data verification tool based on BIM to be connected with the Open Digital Building Logbook. In addition, CEMOSA will lead the workpackage 5 focused on business models, economic and policy implication.

CEMOSA is an engineering consultancy and quality control company in the field of construction, including transport infrastructure and building which was born in 1972. Its headquarters are in Malaga (Spain), and it includes 14 national offices and 12 international offices (Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, India, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru and Portugal) providing services in Europe, America and Asia. The company comprises the following business lines: 1) Transport Infrastructures Engineering, 2) Geotechnical Engineering 3) Building and Industrial Engineering, 4) Construction Material Quality Control, 5) Sustainability, 6) Health and Safety Coordination, 7) Product Certification and 8) Research & Innovation. The research and innovation department works jointly with the technical staff in other areas of the company. CEMOSA has a consolidated experience in Research & Innovations projects funded by the EU (FP7, H2020, HE) and the Spanish Government as coordinator and partner.    

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