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Digiotouch, a fast growing deep-tech start-up based in France and Estonia, is specialised in developing and commercialising security and privacy aware digital solutions for European industries. Recent customers of Digiotouch are from Spain, Hungary, and Portugal and belong to manufacturing, robotics, and industrial automation domains.


Digiotouch solutions are delivered through a Cloud based, secure Paradise Platform and Digiotouch Edge (Edge Computing Platform). They incorporate IoT common service functions including remote monitoring, device management, data visualisation, end-to-end security, secure data storage, and machine learning powered data analysis.


The ground-breaking industrial research & innovation activities of Digiotouch has received funding from two H2020 (upPE-T, ZeroW) and four Horizon Europe (DIVINE, BIAS, Threading-CO2, OpenDBL) projects. The company is currently undertaking R&D on data space development, de-biasing AI systems, MOOC platform development, and sustainability.


The company and its CEO are a member of several European communities and initiatives - Alliance for IoT and Edge Computing Innovation (AIoTI), XR4Europe, DIH-AGRIFOOD, I4MS Community, NGI Early Adopters Club, and IoT Next Club. Previously, Digiotouch graduated from EIT Health Living Labs and Test Beds Programme.


The company is set to launch ‘Digiotouch Academy’, a next-gen, secure, cloud based digital learning and upskilling platform. Its vision is to address the widening industrial skills gap on sustainability, net-zero goals, circular economy, and secure digitalisation.


In parallel to that, the company is spearheading a joint effort on developing and clinically demonstrating Europe’s first novel, smart rehabilitation platform for patients with a spinal cord injury. The platform fuses patients’ activity data with a rehabilitation robot collected data to deliver a personalised roadmap accelerating patients' recovery.

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