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e-Metodi is a consulting and software company that provides process automation solutions (BPA) developed using an operational action methodology (LPAC) defined as "liquid" and a proprietary framework for rapid and incremental prototyping eXtreme Computer Aided Software Engineering ( XCASE).

The fields of action are the most diversified and our experience involves different sectors from finance to management control up to the management of company resources.

We live in an increasingly hostile world. Social and economic systems are increasingly characterized by chaos rather than complexity. Yet, many people insist on creating and using systems of which they do not know and often do not even perceive how they work.

This is the case for information systems. Real blackboxes!

We are a different reality.

We believe that it is the software that must adapt to the organization and not the other way around as often, in almost all cases, happens.

We are e-Methods. It means "digital methods"

We apply the concept of method in the sense of the search for an order towards the achievement of objectives

Our methodology is called "reverse method" because it starts from the definition of objectives and applies a method strategy by acting on the conception and determination of a process that is concretely predictable, feasible, controllable and improvable.

The methodology is liquid because we create something that adapts to the organization as if it were a second skin, much more than the simple agile method.

How do we do it?

Is simple!

We don't sell our software product, we build your digital organizational model!

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