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EDI (Institute of Electronics and Computer Science) in Riga, Latvia was established within the framework of the Latvian Academy of Science in 1960. EDI is a public research institution. Currently, EDI is among the highest-rated scientific institutions in Latvia specializing in Smart Embedded Cooperative Systems (SECS).


Our mission is to perceive the world and design a better future by creating new knowledge, developing innovative technologies, and demonstrating their practical significance in real-life applications. This mission drives a scientific staff of over 80 people, who are organized in four laboratories: Signal Processing; Space Technology; Robotics and Machine Perception; and Cyber-Physical System labs.


At EDI we believe that our future world will be even more connected, digital and automated than ever, forming various ambitious challenges to achieve, e.g. personalized predictive and preventive healthcare; flexible, efficient, connected and autonomous (zero defect) factories; safe (zero fatalities), affordable, sustainable, connected, cooperative, automated and clean (zero emissions) mobility; secure, safe and trustable connectivity and system interoperability; to name a few, which will impact the everyday life of citizens and all business sectors. At EDI we have a unique perspective, expertise, and capacity to contribute to solving all these challenges on a global scale. The key driving force of EDI scientific activities is its economic and social impact, therefore we apply our SECS expertise in mobility, industry, health, digital life, and space domains. Meanwhile, we are focusing on the following research directions: extremely precise event timing; remote sensing and space data processing; robotics and machine perception; signal processing and embedded intelligence; smart sensors and IoT.

Our expertise is complemented by close collaboration with 300+ international partners. EDI have coordinated and participated in numerous EU projects.

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