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Exploring the Future of Construction: A Recap of the Horizon Europe Webinar on VR BIM-Driven Digitalization


In a collaborative effort funded by Horizon Europe, the openDBL project recently hosted a groundbreaking webinar titled "Building Tomorrow: Navigating the Future with VR BIM-Driven Digitalization." Teaming up with the EU-funded CHRONICLE and DigiBuild Projects, the event delved deep into the transformative potential of Virtual Reality (VR) Building Information Modeling (BIM) methodologies in revolutionizing construction practices.

The webinar commenced with Daniele Magrì from openDBL setting the stage, underlining the significance of VR BIM methodologies in shaping the future landscape of construction. Angelina Katsifaraki from CHRONICLE followed suit, providing valuable insights into the innovative CHRONICLE project and its ambitious objectives aimed at reshaping the industry.

Samy Iousef, also from CHRONICLE, took the virtual podium to discuss the symbiotic relationship between BIM and the Internet of Things (IoT), particularly focusing on leveraging these technologies for Smart Readiness in construction projects. Michele Allori from openDBL then shed light on the indispensable role of Virtual Reality within the realm of BIM, elucidating its myriad advantages for the construction sector.

Mario Caputi, representing in2it, brought attention to key milestones in the digitalization of real estate, stressing the pivotal role of creating robust BIM models for driving innovation and efficiency. Finally, José L. H. from the DigiBUILD Project wrapped up the insightful webinar by providing a comprehensive overview of their project, outlining the various pilots and use cases geared towards enhancing building potential through digital innovations.

The webinar served as a platform for industry leaders and innovators to exchange ideas, share expertise, and explore the vast possibilities that VR BIM-driven digitalization holds for the future of construction. As the construction sector continues to evolve in the digital age, such collaborative initiatives pave the way for transformative advancements, ultimately shaping a more sustainable and efficient built environment.

Stay tuned for more updates and collaborative endeavors driving innovation in construction and beyond.

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