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Mislata City Council participates in the openDBL project. A European program together with other cities and municipalities from 8 EU countries, which addresses climate change, helps achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and boosts the competitiveness and growth of the EU. And precisely this week, Mislata hosted the third meeting of the partners of this project, who met on this occasion to promote and share transformative ideas within the construction sector.

The openDBL project aims to offer a comprehensive open platform designed to create a digital logbook for buildings, to provide the user with an innovative web-based toolset to collect, manage and visualize data coming from the specific building. Thus, this European project has taken as a reference the La Fábrica Sociocultural and Sports Center, which will become one of the three pilot buildings in all of Europe to implement the system .

Improve building maintenance and management

The Councilor for European Projects, Ximo Moreno, and the Councilor for Urban Planning, Mercedes Caballero, welcomed the participants of this meeting and thanked the project partners for having chosen this Center in Mislata as an example to develop the platform. As Moreno explained to them, “In the municipal government we have a very clear roadmap for the 2030 Agenda, in line with the needs and emergencies that the European countries and the UN have marked and subscribed to. And for this we want this new platform to help us lead these projects of change, of green revolution in growth models.”

The meeting in Mislata has already served to scan the entire La Fábrica Center, including the indoor pool and gym, which will allow the creation of a 3D digital twin building. And once this digitalization process is finished, it will be equipped with sensors that will provide information about the building and will allow it to improve its maintenance and management, to make it more sustainable and efficient.

Pioneers in Spain

This action will also be a pioneer in all of Spain because, unlike other European countries, Spanish legislation does not yet require the execution of this type of action, however, Mislata is thus anticipating the demands. 

The openDBL project represents a significant leap forward in building management practices. By digitizing building information and offering a centralized platform for data management, openDBL will revolutionize the way buildings are maintained, leading to cost reductions, time savings, and enhanced sustainability.

We are proud to be part of this collaborative effort and excited about the positive impact openDBL will have on the building management industry.

For more information about the openDBL project, please visit  

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