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openDBL Hosts its first Summer School

The openDBL Summer School @Master BIM Manager for Construction Works, in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano, concluded successfully on July 21st, 2023. The one-day virtual learning experience brought together industry experts, professionals, and learners, offering a deep dive into building construction and BIM (Building Information Modeling) topics.

The event commenced with a comprehensive overview of the openDBL project's objectives, providing attendees with a strong foundational understanding. The sessions moved on to explore practical use cases and the business needs that drive BIM adoption. The Data Model and IDM (Information Delivery Manual) were discussed in detail, showcasing how data structures influence construction processes.

The highlights of the summer school were discussions on topics like VR BIM (Virtual Reality Building Information Modeling), Artificial Intelligence, and the role of platforms, APIs, and mobile applications in enhancing collaboration and project management. Topics such as Sensors and IoT (Internet of Things) in construction were also explored, emphasizing their impact on real-time data collection and decision-making.

The openDBL Summer School was enriched by the contributions of industry experts and the collaboration of Politecnico di Milano. Attendees gained valuable insights, expanded their networks, and unlocked new career opportunities. This event exemplified the industry's commitment to innovation and continuous learning.

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