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openDBL Summer School @ Master BIM A +

Date: 22nd May 2024
Time: 14h30 – 17h30 CET

Agenda for the Summer School:

14h30 - 14h50
Introductory Speech
Italo Spada (CETMA)
Use Cases and Data Model
14h50 - 15h10
Use Cases and Business Needs
Mario Caputi (in2it)
15h10 - 15h30
Data Model and IDM
Rasso Steinmann (iabi)
15h30 - 15h50
IoT on Pilot Buildings
Yorgos Vrachnos (Kifissia) Janis Judvaitis (EDI)
Technologies and Systems
15h50 - 16h10
openDBL Platform and API
Michele Allori (e-metodi)
16h10 - 16h20
Artificial Intelligence
Jacob Martin (iabi)
16h20 - 16h45
Mobile App & Digital Twin for security control
Gloria Calleja-Rodríguez (CEMOSA)
Standards and Sustainability
16h45 - 17h05
Adopting the correct standards
Cristina Chirea (ASRO)
17h05 - 17h25
KPI and the sustainable environment
Marcin Konopczynski (AMTP)
17h25 - end
Closing / Q&A
Soumya Kanti Datta (Digiotouch)

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