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Safe public buildings, a Puglian company among 12 European partners


A "digital ID for building" is the ambition of the openDBL project, which will start in the following months in a first grade school near Bari, Italy. The 6000 sq m building is the first test for openDBL, whose main goal is to build a digital logbook in which all the information related to the building itself will be stored. Later, the solution proposed in openDBL will also be implemented in some buildings near Athens and Valencia.

The project is funded by Horizon 2021–2027 and involves 13 partners from different countries: Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Poland, and Romania.
"The experiments will take place in the city of Ruvo, Italy, but also in Athens and Valencia, and the project’s coordinator is Italo Spada, from CETMA, a research organisation from Brindisi, Italy," In2It’s CEO, one of the 13 openDBL’s partners, Mario Caputi, said.

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